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Log Mass Calc: Terms & conditions

Description, terms and conditions

LogMassCalc is a tool designed to help arborists and others estimate the mass of sections of green timber.

The data used to calculate the mass is sourced from specific densities published by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

The app calculates the frustrum of a cone based on the inputs provided by the user. The volume calculated combined with the specific gravity of the timber selected produces the estimate of mass.

The results provided are an estimate and can vary based on the time of year, climate and growth conditions, and the inputs of the user.

Logs with irregular shapes such as large branch unions or rapid taper with many branch unions can produce considerable underestimations of mass. Err on the side of caution in these situations.

Sandal Parkdrift AS accepts no responsibility or liability for any unwanted result of using this application whether foreseeable or otherwise. Your safety is your responsibility.

The Sandal Parkdrift Team